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Donna Holford-Lovell


Living in Scotland





Consider Appropriation

I have worked within the arts for over fifteen years and my main practice has been curating contemporary art in various guises and in more recent years I have been interested in curating within the context of a social system and how the place of the curator has become a powerful and sometimes very influential practice.

I am the director and curator of Fleet Collective, a multi-disciplinary collective based in Dundee. I have a particular interest in bringing together many creative parts and finding new ways if working and challenging traditional modes of practice, including practice within economic, business and policy making. I curate Fleet Collectives parts with the view of developing an environment that encourages exploratory process and exciting outputs.

Past roles and employment have given me a solid foundation and understanding of curating as an art practice and placing it within multi-disciplinary contexts. During my role as Cultural Projects Officer at the University of Abertay I developed new strategic policies for disseminating knowledge through a cross-disciplinary multi facetted arts programme within an educational context. The projects and core programme I curated were designed to enhance and work with the university’s cultural and corporate strategies, delivering five major exhibitions each year in its dedicated project/gallery space, the Hanna Maclure Centre, combined with other research projects, talks, events, seminars and film programme. I was committed to delivering a truly independent programme of inspirational events that encouraged independent creativity and thinking.

One of my major roles since 2010 has been playing a key role in managing and curating NEoN, an international digital arts festival across the city of Dundee.

I work in the arts because they affect people in unique and positive ways. Through public art and exhibitions, and working with both artists and the public, I have learnt that arts, culture and heritage give access to creativity in ways that encourage an unconditional confidence in their participants, giving an enriched understanding of the world around us.