/// from survival to thriving


Donna Holford-Lovell


Living in Scotland





Curating City & Space – This project is an open dialogue facilitated by Fleet Collective to understand the city’s creative community, its micro ecologies and its complex fragility. What is the problem: mapping what we think, what we know and what we should ask. Working with a Design Ethnography team to frame and scope the ideas. There are two stages to the workshop, stage one is to review the thinking space and stage 2 is to scope the project in terms field based observational design research.


Mappa Dundee – Visual arts and performance commission.


WASPS: Meadow Mills – in conversation about the role of studio providers in the creative ecology. Various discussions and workshops will be held around this theme with a conclusionary event happening during this years NEoN Digital arts festival. More details to be published as they arise.


re.volution – sharing ideas on the over-extension and under-capitalisation of our current creative ecosystem.